Cachaça Nicknames

Cachaça is a potent Brazilian booze made from fermented sugarcane. Like all down-home spirits, it can both cause resurrection in the dead and make your body want to exorcise itself. At various times, makers of cachaça have had to get creative in branding their product so as to evade pesky governmental control. At other times, drinkers of this brew felt the need to more accurately describe the effects of their drink of choice. Here’s a list of some of the drink’s more lyrical pseudonyms:

abre-coração                                      heart-opener

aca                                                       academic

água-benta                                         holy water

água-que-gato-não-bebe                 water that the cat doesn’t drink

aguarrás                                             turpentine

alicate                                                 pliers

amarelinha                                        hopscotch

amansa-corno                                   tamed horn

apaga-tristeza                                  sorrow-be-gone

aquela-que-matou-o-guarda        that which kills the guard

arrebenta-peito                               chest-burster

bafo-de-tigre                                    tiger breath

champanha-da-terra                       earth-champagne

cobertor-de-pobre                          blanket-of-the-poor

engasga-gato                                   cat-choker

extrato-hepático                             liver-extract

faz-xodó                                           sweetheart-maker

garapa-doida                                   crazy-syrup

gramática                                         grammar

homeopatia                                    homeopathy

iaiá-me-sacode                             Yaya shake me

lágrima-de-virgem                      tears-of-the-virgin

limpa-olho                                     eye-wash

pau-no-burro                               stick-in-the-ass

quebra-jejum                               breakfast

tira-vergonha                             shame-stripper

urina-de-santo                           saint-urine

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